María Eugenia Godoy

María Eugenia Godoy

Seed Grant Investigator


María ​Eugenia Godoy has a degree in Government and International Relations from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE). After that, she obtained a Master Degree in Institutional Communication Management at the Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales (UCES). Then, she extended her training in Project Management at the Universidad tecnológica Nacional (UTN).

Currently, she is Program Manager of the NIH/NIR R01: “Multi-Partner Consortium to Expand Dementia Research in Latin America (ReDLat)”. She is also in charge of managing international grants and local grants. She has strong experience in international applications. 

Previously, she worked as coordinator of Bilateral Cooperation at the National Directorate for Institutional Integration and Cooperation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina. 

She has participated in international negotiations such as: Annual LAC NCPs meeting ALCUANET (Bridgetown, Barbados), High-Level Meeting (South Africa), Seminar on Fusion of Business Culture between China and Argentina (Beijing-Shanghái-Qingdao, China), Russian-Argentine Joint Commission on Economic-Commercial and Scientific- Technical Cooperation (Moscow, Russia).

Investigaciones Destacadas
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Alzheimer’s & Dementia, 26 January 2024

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