Claudia Duran-Aniotz

Claudia Duran-Aniotz



Claudia Duran-Aniotz is a neuroscientist fully dedicated to understand neurodegenerative disorders with special emphasis in Alzheimer’s disease. Since, Neurology and aging research are areas poorly developed in Latin America countries, she has focused her work to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia affecting this particular population contributing to diminish the mayor economical and social costs associated to brain health disorders. Her research and academic interests are aligned to provide a useful platform to generate new knowledge and link basic and clinical research, promoting high translational discoveries and clinical collaborations. Her projects encourage the consolidation of a research group to study the neuropathological, clinical and translational research in Alzheimer´s disease. She is also interested in global studies to validate novel biomarkers for early diagnosis and therapies to treat this neurodegenerative and age-related disorder. Currently, Dr. duran-Aniotz is co-Director of Latin American Brain Health Institute (BrainLat) at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI) and is also involved to regional initiatives, such as the Multi-partner consortium to expand dementia research in Latin America (ReDLat) and the Latin American and Caribbean Consortium on Dementia (LAC-CD).


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