Raúl Gonzalez

Raúl Gonzalez

E-mail: ragonzalezg@alumnos.uai.cl


Raúl González Gómez has a degree in Biology from the University of Havana. His early incorporation to the Neuroscience’s field allowed him to learn diverse kinds of techniques (histology, biochemistry, MRI, EEG, eye tracking). After his graduation, he received postgraduate training in the Center of Neuroscience of Cuba. Actually, Raúl is a PhD student in the Social Neuroscience and Cognition program of the University Adolfo Ibañez. Where, under the supervision of Agustin Ibañez, he specializes in MRI (functional, structural and tractography). Additionally, he uses machine learning techniques for the multimodal analysis of MRI data and behavioral registers. His lines of investigation include the study of neurodegenerative diseases: diagnostic, compression and impact of socioeconomic factors.

Lines of interest: Neurodegenerative diseases, MRI, connectivity, social neuroscience, neuroplasticity, statistics, machine learning.

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