The neuroscience of sadness: A multidisciplinary synthesis and collaborative review

Área de publicación Neurociencia Cognitiva
Tipo de publicación Articles
Lugar de publicación Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews
Fecha de publicación 2020
Autores Agustín Ibañez - Arias, J.A., Williams, C., Raghvani, R., Aghajani, M., Baez, S., Belzung, C., Booij, L., Busatto, G., Chiarella, J., HY Fu, C., Liddell, B.J., Lowe, L., Penninx, B.W.J.H., Rosa, P., Kemp, A.H.

We suggest that the field may be moving toward a theoretical consensus, in which different models relating to basic emotion theory and psychological constructionism may be considered as complementary, working at different levels of the phylogenetic hierarchy.

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