Alzheimer’s disease research progress in the Mediterranean region: The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference Satellite Symposium

Área de publicación Neurociencia Cognitiva
Tipo de publicación Articles
Lugar de publicación Alzheimer’s&Dementia
Fecha de publicación 2022
Autores Agustín Ibañez - Sexton, C., Solis, M., Aharon-Peretz, J., Alexopoulos, P., Apostolova, L.G., Bayen, E., Birkenhager, B., Cappa, S., Constantinidou, F., Fortea, J., Gerritsen, D.L., Hassanin, H.I., Ioannidis, P., Karageorgiou, E., Korczyn, A., Leroi, I., Lichtwarck, B., Logroscino, G., Lynch, C., Mecocci, P., Molinuevo, J.L., Papatriantafyllou, J., Papegeorgiou, S., Politis, A., Raman, R., Ritchie, K., Sanchez-Juan, P., Sano, M., Scarmeas, N., Spiru, L., Stathi, A., Tsolaki, M., Yener, G., Zaganas, I., Zygouris, S., and Carrillo, M

Researchers in the Mediterranean region have outlined the local epidemiology of AD and dementia, and have identified regional populations that may expedite genetic studies. Development of biomarkers is expected to aid early and accurate diagnosis. Numerous efforts have been made to develop culturally specific interventions to both reduce risk of dementia, and to improve quality of life for people living with dementia.

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