The EuroLaD-EEG consortium: towards a global EEG platform for dementia




-Latin America

Lay Abstract

Electroencephalography (EEG) tools hold potential to support the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases that cause dementia. To grant such tools the necessary validity, reliability, and scalability, we will need to integrate knowledge developed by world leading EEG laboratories. The EuroLaD-EEG consortium brings together EEG experts from European and Latin American countries to develop the first ever “Global EEG platform for dementia”. This platform will provide access to resources for advance EEG data analysis and inter-lab/country harmonization, capability for data sharing, collaboration and networking, and training opportunities for capacity building. EuroLaD-EEG will rely on EEG data collected by eight EEG lab across participating countries to identify sources of variability that can range from technical to biological. Controlling for such sources, we will identify EEG signatures across a wide range of genetic and sporadic degenerative diseases and generate enhanced algorithms for phenotyping such diseases. Such knowledge will provide the context to embark on ambitious sustainability strategies that will leverage the work of EuroLaD-EEG and deliver low-cost and scalable dementia diagnostic solutions that can help bridge gaps across developed and developing countries.

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