Developing a Regional Capacity in Health Economics for BrainLat: A cross-sectional study to inform economic evaluations on dementia in Chile



In Chile, there are currently over 200,000 persons living with dementia (PLWD) and, by 2050, this number is forecasted to exceed half a million. The associated national cost of dementia is $183 Million per annum and, by 2050, this will reach $457 Million. Given the implications of dementia, the Chilean Ministry of Health launched ‘Plan Nacional de Demencia: 2017-2025’ (cost: $12.5 Million) and, to support implementation, this project will enhance dementia-specific Health Economics capacity for Chile (and for the wider BrainLat region). This BrainLat Seed Research Grant aims to estimate stage-specific Quality-Adjusted LifeYears (QALYs), and relevant costs, to allow adaptation of international economic models to inform resource allocation decisions in Chile. By providing proof-of-concept, this initiative also lays foundations to scale up dementia-specific health economic capacity to benefit the wider RedLat region.

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