A Toolkit to Support Brain Health Diplomacy Leaders in Latin America

A Toolkit to Support Brain Health Diplomacy Leaders in Latin America






Brain Health Diplomacy seeks to mitigate the many complex threats to brain health, while advancing equity in brain health outcomes at an individual, community, national, and international level via large- scale diplomacy. The need to apply this framework is most salient and increasing in Latin America. This multi-disciplinary team will develop, test, and disseminate a Brain Health Diplomat’s (BHD) Toolkit for brain health leaders in Latin America to advance brain health diplomacy across disciplines and countries in the region. The BHD Toolkit will provide a practical guide to support brain health collaborations across disciplines, sectors, and borders that advance equity by providing case studies of exemplar initiatives, impact evaluation tools, resource identification, and a framework for stakeholder engagement. In partnership with the Latin American Institute for Brain Health (BrainLat), the project team will test the toolkit with the 250 regional leaders from the Multi-Partner Consortium to Expand Dementia Research in Latin America’s (ReDLat) 19 member countries (n=250). Toolkit efficacy will be evaluated through a pre-and post-survey of users and the identification and evaluation of objective impact scores of brain health diplomacy. The evaluation results will inform the refinement and optimization of the BHD Toolkit. To advance large-scale diplomacy at a regional level in Latin America, the BHD Toolkit will provide the practical tools to develop new partnerships, international collaborations, and innovation through more equitable systems of care, research, and government policies. The BHD Toolkit will offer a platform from which to scale the work to the rest of the world.


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