Cecilia López

Cecilia López

Ph.D. in Psychology
E-mail: cecilialopezsteinmetz@unc.edu.ar


Dr. L. Cecilia López Steinmetz has a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Her doctoral dissertation was on suicidal emergencies. Previous to her doctorate, he has done residency training in the Specialties of Clinical and Community Psychology at the Psychiatric Hospital of Jujuy, Argentina. After doctorate, he has made a post-doctorate on mental health, decision-making and impulsivity-traits at the Institute of Psychological Research from the National University of Córdoba and the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (IIPsi-UNC-CONICET), Argentina. Likewise, she was a Titular Professor at the Siglo 21 University (Córdoba, Argentina) and Adjunct Professor at the Catholic University of Santiago del Estero (Jujuy, Argentina).

She is interested in understanding cognitive processes, risk factors and additional health-related variables underlying common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety, but also disorders such as suicidal behaviors, among others relevant disorders such as dementias. Cecilia is interested in factors affecting longitudinal changes on mental health in different group populations and in translational research to improve evidence based psychological treatments.

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