Transmission of cerebral amyloid pathology by peripheral administration of misfolded Abeta aggregates.

Área de publicación Neurociencia Cognitiva
Tipo de publicación Articles
Lugar de publicación Molecular Psychiatry
Fecha de publicación 2021
Autores Claudia Duran-Aniotz - Morales, R., Bravo-Alegria, J., Moreno-Gonzalez, I., Gamez, N., Edwards Iii, G., & Soto, C.

Here, we show that cerebral accumulation of Aβ can be accelerated after exposing mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) to Aβ seeds by different peripheral routes of administration, including intra-peritoneal and intra-muscular. Interestingly, animals receiving drops of brain homogenate laden with Aβ seeds in the eyes were efficiently induced. On the contrary, oral administration of large quantities of brain extracts from aged transgenic mice and AD patients did not have any effect in brain pathology.

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