Fouling of polyelectrolyte multilayer based nanofiltration membranes during produced water treatment: The role of surfactant size and chemistry

Área de publicación Neurociencia Cognitiva
Tipo de publicación Articles
Lugar de publicación Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Fecha de publicación 2021
Autores Mario A. Parra - Virga, E., de Vos, W.M.

Unexpectedly, our results show that fouling of PEM-based NF membranes, during PW treatment, is mainly due to membrane active layer fouling caused by surfactant uptake inside of the PEM coating, rather than due to cake layer formation. Indeed, it is not the surface chemistry of the membrane that determines the extent of fouling, but the surfactant interaction with the bulk of the PEM. A denser multilayer, that would stop these molecules, would benefit PW treatment by decreasing fouling issues, as would the use of slightly more bulky surfactants that cannot penetrate the PEM.

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